Active Panel and Panel Bar

The Side Panel, now referred to as the Active Panel, is now used as the work area for tools like Selection, Legend and Edit. The Panel Bar is always to the left of the Active Panel and provides access to the Maps, Legend, Search, Selection, Redline, Bookmark, Edit and Network tracing tools. Selecting a Panel Bar button will populate the Active Panel with the relevant tool options, this is instead of some of the options appearing as pop out forms in 3.2.and earlier.

Workflow of Redlines, Measuring, Selection and the Network Trace tools have changed slightly; these workflows are clearly documented in the User Guide. Functionality remains consistent with 3.2.x.

Administrators will be able to edit the tooltip and image, but not add new or delete existing Panel Bar tools. Tools will not be interchangeable between the Panel Bar and Toolbar.

As a result of Tools being split into Tools and Panels, an additional step is required to select Panel items for adding new Maps and new Roles.

Toolbar Redesign