use AND between search values to find features that match both search values.

Essentially asking:

conifer AND cat

Use this workflow to make oneSearch selections:

oneSearch uses a single type-ahead text field to search for matching attributes.

Step 01> Click Search on the Panel Bar to open the Search Panel.

The drop-down list at the top contains Search Queries available for the current Map.

Step 02> Select the oneSearch Query from the drop-down list to open the text box.

Step 03> Enter at least 3 characters to start filtering the index. The oneSearch summary appears, as more text is entered, the list filters further.

Step 04> From the oneSearch summary list, Select a map layer.

Step 05> Select a oneSearch list item to pan and zoom to the location in the Map Window.

Step 06> To return to the oneSearch summary screen, Click the Back button.

Like with Basic Search, OneSearch selects a map feature. The map feature is highlighted in the Map Window and the Results Panel displays the attributes of the selected feature.

Clear the search by clearing the text. Switching Maps will also clear the search summary results.




PLEASE NOTE: the oneSearch queries will appear at the top of the Search drop-down list.





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