Applying User Input Settings

User inputs define what type of element the Map Client will use for prompting the user when entering search parameters for Search Flow Queries.

A collection of 4 user input types are available to the Dekho Administrator. ComboBox (dropdown) and Type-ahead Queries are configured separately to the Search Flow Query while the simple Textbox and Date inputs are configured as a part of each Query. This means that each ComboBox and Type-ahead Query may be applied to more than just a single Search Flow Query.

The results of the predefined Combobox or Type-ahead Queries will populate the Search Flow query User Input form. The administrator will have the option to create a new combo or typeahead query, if one doesn’t already exist. By clicking the new button, a new query wizard will open allowing a new ComboBox Query or Type-ahead Query to be created. See ComboBox Queries or Type-ahead Queries for more information.

Standard User Inputs Settings

Text Box Entry

Combobox Entry

Type-ahead Entry

Date Entry