Automated upgrade process

Introduced with the Dekho 4.1.7 release, the Esri Australia Product Upgrade Tool. Starting from 4.1.7 the only way to update your Dekho version is via the Product Upgrade tool. Donít manually run the update scripts as the Upgrade tool makes application changes as well.

Step 01> Start the Esri Australia Product Upgrade Tool (EsriauProductUpgrader.exe)

Step 02> Select the product you wish to upgrade

Step 03> Select the current version of your product

Step 04> Select the version you would like to upgrade your product to

Step 05> Select the database source type for your Dekho database

Step 06> Enter your database connection details

Step 07> Test the database connection details

Step 08> Click Upgrade Product Now to perform update

Step 09> Ready to Deploy DEKHO .war files

Manual Upgrade Process (pre 4.1.7)