Basic Search

 A Basic Search uses a particular set of parameters to enable the search to proceed.

To particular Search routine;

Step 01> Click Search on the Panel Bar to open the Search Panel.

The drop-down list at the top contains Search Queries available for the current Map.

Step 02> Select a Query from the drop-down list to load the search parameters.

Step 03> Enter the search parameters. The parameters may be type-ahead text or drop-down list.

Step 04> Click the Search button to run the search.

Each Basic Search selects map features that match the attributes in the search.

Step 05> The Map Window displays the selected map features in the selection colour and may zoom and pan to the extent of the selected features.

Step 06> The Results Panel will pop up and show the selected feature attributes.

Manipulate the features contained in the search results using the Selection Mode options on the Selection Panel.





The attributes shown in the Results Panel depends on how the Dekho Administrator has configured the display of results.