Bookmark Management

Bookmarks record session state information like, map extent, and map layer visibility, selected map features and redlines. 

Dekho Users can save bookmarks to be either private, shared with a role or made available to everyone.  If the Dekho Users create a large number of shared bookmarks, this will increase response times from the Dekho database and can cause a delay for Dekho Users opening the bookmark dropdown. 

This response time is exaggerated and more noticeable for Dekho Users, when the Dekho Database is hosted on shared infrastructure on a separate tier.  Refer to the Dekho Database Configuration section for more information on minimising response times due to network latency and System Resource Contention.

A Dekho Administrator can create bookmarks and then make use of simple bookmark mode from Dekho Settings. This mode prevents Dekho Users from creating bookmarks and restricts them to choosing the bookmarks that the Dekho Administrator provides.

The Product Development Team is currently working on improving the functionality for allowing Dekho Administrator more control over the bookmarks functionality within Dekho.

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