Build the oneSearch Index

Once the oneSearch Query is saved, an Index is needed now needs to be run to allow the oneSearch Query to be used in the Map Client.

Step 06> Select the oneSearch Query from the list and then Click Index.

The status of the query is monitored and when the oneSearch indexing is completed it can be added to a Map.

Remember to Click Save after the Index is built.




WARNING: When oneSearch Query is indexed, any editing and then saving of the oneSearch Settings will require a reIndexing.






PLEASE NOTE: If the same feature is indexed for the JDBC Search and the Map Layer, then a duplicate feature will appear in the list.






PLEASE NOTE: Indexing many layers and fields can take a long time and the indexing process may reduce performance of the server. Trial the indexing process on a few layers to check how long indexing takes.  It is recommended to build your indexes in off-peak hours via the scheduler.




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