Cognos Report Template - Insert FIQ

Apply the same FIQ to one or multiple reports. This section describes how to use a FIQ in a Cognos Report. The first few steps are about adding an XML Data source to Dekho’s selection servlet.

Step 01> In Cognos Administration, Click the Configuration Tab and Click the New Data Source button.

Step 02> Enter a name for the  Data sources and Click next.

Step 03> Select XML as the data source Type and Click Next.

Step 04> Enter the following URL back to the Dekho query servlet and Click finish.


Modify the URL to suit your Dekho configuration.




PLEASE NOTE: Cognos requires the sessionid to appear in the URL as ??sessionid??




Use the new data source in the Report

Step 05> In Cognos Report Studio, Select Query Explorer.

Step 06> From the Insertable Objects panel, Drag an SQL object onto the Report panel.

Step 07> Click the SQL object on the report to show the Properties - SQL window.

Step 08> In the SQL syntax field, Select Cognos.

Step 09> In the Data source Field, Select the newly created XML data source to the Dekho query servlet.

Step 10> In the SQL field, Enter the following SQL:

select featureid as fid, LID, Land_no, Lot_no, Section_no, Plan_no from DekhoParcelInfoQuery

Change the field names in the select statement to match those returned by your FIQ.

Step 11> Click the Query4 object on the report. The properties for the Query2 object should appear in the left panel.

Step 12> Change the Auto group & summarize option to No. This is only required for XML  Data sources

Step 13> Select page explorer, then pages.

Step 14> From the Insertable Objects panel, Drag a new page onto the report.

Step 15> Double-Click the new page.

Step 16> Click the Data Items Tab

Step 17> Scroll down to Query4, Select all the fields from Query4 and Drag and Drop them onto the report.

Step 18> Save the report.




WARNING: The XML  Data sources test function fails.




Test the Cognos FIQ report

Step 01> In the Map Client, Select map features.

Step 02> Click Generate Report.

Step 03> Select the new report and Click Generate

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