ComboBox Query – Data Connection

Start configuring a Combobox Query by firstly following these instructions on how to create a query. There is no alias text box for combobox queries.

Step 01> Then Choose Data Connection.

Step 02> Choose a Database and the Table that the combobox will search in.

Step 03> Select the Display field, to be used in the ComboBox user display.

Step 04> Select the Value field to be used by the Search flow query.

With Value Field = ‘street_name’ and Display Field = ‘street_name’, the ComboBox will display the values from the street_name field. The ‘streetname’ value is sent to the Search Flow Query and used in the Search Flow Condition Statement.

Step 05> [Optional] Add a Where clause to limit the search criteria. See here to find out more about the Where clause syntax.

The SQL Statement updates when the Display and Value Fields are updated.

Step 06> [Optional] Add other statements to further refine the query like Custom Order by/Group By/Having clause. The Statement entered will change the way the results are displayed. Use the example syntax;



See Search Flow Queries to learn how to add Combobox Queries to a Search Flow Query and here to see how to make the Query available to users.




See JDBC Query Select Statement Guide for more details of how to create a JDBC select statement.




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