Configure a Data Source Connection

The Data Sources form allows the administrator to create connections to internal and external databases, as well as edit and delete existing connections. If many connections exist, use the filter for connections in the Data source list.

To see the list of data sources, Click Data sources in the left Settings pane.


Example workflow for adding a SQL Server Database Connection as a Dekho Data Source.

Step 01> Click Add a data source or select a data source from the list to edit a Data source.

Step 02> Enter a Name to give to the new Data source connection. This name will appear when creating Queries.

Step 03> Click the Datasource drop-down to select the database server. The driver field will autopoulate with a JDBC driver. Edit the field if a custom connection is required.

Step 04> Enter the Host server name.

Step 05> Enter the server Port number.

Step 06> Enter the Username and Password for the account used to connect to the database.

Step 07> Nominate the Database name.

Step 08> Add a Schema value (for example, dbo - optional).

Step 09> Insert a Description.

Step 10> Save!

The Dekho configuration database will be populated with relevant information about the database for future reference when creating Queries.