Configure a Dekho Template

Administrators configure templates to ensure each user group is supplied with maps that have been optimised for each user group. A simple workflow for creating a Template might be, Add a basemap or two, add some operational layers, add a group to allow better control and separation over when the basemap and operational services display. Look at the visibility settings and adjust the transparency or scale range to display. Once one Template is saved, a brand new Template can be Saved As using the existing Template. It just needs a different name, this is an efficient way to create similar Templates to provide users with similar behaviours, like for basemaps, while having control over the Operational service layers.

PLEASE NOTE: Dekho Templates need only be Updated in the Template form to apply the latest Template to the Map Client. To view the latest Template if the Map Client is open, simply refresh the browser.

Dekho Templates support the use of a number of map services including:

Dynamic Map Services

Tiled Cache Services (ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online

Image Services (ArcGIS Server)

Feature Services (ArcGIS Server 10.1+ and ArcGIS Online)

WMS layers

Create New Template

Add Groups

Add Map Services

Zoom Slider Scales