Configure Dekho Reporting

The Report Tool section is the place where administrators can configure Dekho to use external reporting software. A guide for developing Cognos, SQL Server and Crystal Reports for use with Dekho can be found in the Report Template section.

Insert the URL for the Cognos Server and SQL Server Reports or the path for the Crystal Reports folder.

Example Cognos URL…

Example SQL Reporting url


Custom report templates from these applications need only be written, Dekho will use these parameters to find the report templates.

To add a Report Template and make it available to the Dekho users;

Step 01> In the Type dropdown, Select the appropriate reporting tool: Cognos, SQL or Crystal.

Step 02> Add an Alias that will be displayed to Map Client users.

Step 03> Then Enter the name of the Report as specified in Cognos, SQL Server or Crystal

Step 04> Finally, Click Add Report to include the report in the Reports list, which is in turn, is made available to the users.

Don’t forget to Save!

This will save details about the report to the Dekho configuration database.


Dekho Reporting Parameters

Test a Report