Configure Firewall Policy for ArcGIS Server

The ArcGIS Server virtual directories need to be exposed via the proxy server by creating a new rule in ISA and changing the virtual directory paths for the map services in ArcCatalog.

Step 01> Create the new Web Publishing rule the same way as the Dekho web publishing rule. Instead of Dekho for the path in the internal publishing details screen use /arcgisoutput/*.

Step 02> After completing the wizard, in the properties of the rule, add the two other ArcGIS Server folders; /arcgisjobs/* and /arcgiscache/* and the services URLs /ArcGIS/services/* and /ArcGIS/rest/services/*. In this web rule you do not have to change the redirecting port in the Bridging Tab to '8080', it is auto set as the default ArcGIS Server port '80'.

Step 03> In ArcCatalog stop the map services and Open the ArcGIS Server (admin) Properties form.

Step 04> Click the Directories Tab and Edit the Virtual Directory settings for the map services.

Step 05> Either Edit or Add another directory for each of the Output, Jobs and Cache directories that point to the proxy server with arcgisoutput, arcgiscache or arcgisjobs on the end.

Step 06> Apply the new virtual directory to each map service.

Step 07> Right-Click on the map service and Select Map Service Properties, select the Parameters tab and make the virtual directory changes.

Step 08> Restart ArcGIS Server, leave enough time for all map services to start (until you can preview them in ArcCatalog), and then restart Tomcat.


Proxy Access will now be configured.