Coordinate Systems

This section explains how to administer ArcGIS Server supported Coordinate Systems.

Using a Coordinate System is a way of partitioning space, allowing you to reference position. Coordinate systems can use geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude), or cartesian/projected coordinates (x and y), where the three dimensional roughly spherical earth has been flattened out into a grid. Different projected coordinate systems are utilised for different purposes, and different geographic coordinate systems are used for different regions of the Earth, adjusting other variables, called datum, so as to make the coordinate system better suited to a local region.

Refer to this link for supported Coordinate Systems in ArcGIS REST API:

Supported Geographic Coordinate Systems

Supported Projected Coordinate Systems

Each Geographic and Projected Coordinate Systems is uniquely identified by an ID. When coordinate systems are added to Dekho, they can then be utilised through many different tools, including:

For live coordinate readout

Zoom to coordinates

Measurement mark-up tools

Manage Coordinate Systems