Create Bookmark

Step 01> Create a new Bookmark by Clicking the Bookmark tool in the Panel Bar. This will open the Bookmark Panel.

Step 02> Click Manage Bookmarks to open the Bookmark Management Options Panel.

Step 03> Type a new 'Bookmark name' into the Bookmarks text field. Type over the existing Bookmark name, Dekho will create a new Bookmark with the new name, it will not overwrite the existing Bookmark.

Step 04> Check the Make bookmark my Default to load the Bookmark each time Dekho is started. Only one Bookmark is allowed to be checked.

Step 05> Specify the Access level, Check Public bookmark to allow all users to use the bookmark, Check Private bookmark to allow access by the current user only and Check Role based bookmark and Select a Role to allow only user with that role to access the Bookmark.

Step 06> Check All Map features on to Select all map features to store in the Bookmark, or Select map features individually. Check Map extent to load the current map extent. Check Selection to save the currently selected features. Check Redlines and Measurements to save all current map markups. Check Visible and Selectable layers on to store the current Legend state.

Step 07> Click Save to store the Bookmark.

Load Bookmark