Crystal Reports Configuration

This section provides a set of walk-through guides for generating report templates in Crystal Reports for consumption by Dekho.

These walk-throughs explain how to insert:

One Page Dekho Map

Multiple Pages based on Dekho Map Selection

Attribute Table for Selected Features

Using Dekho a query and a map selection. The walk-through uses Crystal Reports for basic configuration and the walk through result will be an empty report populated with map and attribute data from the Dekho Map.

Microsoft requires that sqljdbc4.jar is used for JDBC connections from Java 6, thus Dekho includes sqljdbc4.jar. Ensure Crystal Reports desktop installation uses this same version of Java and JDBC driver.

INFORMATION: Prerequisites for Crystal Report template configuration include: Crystal Reports with requisite updates installed with the correct version of Java and the correct JDBC drivers on a desktop machine.

Java Configuration for Crystal Reports

Crystal Report Template - Blank Report

Crystal Report Template - Insert Map

Crystal Report Template - Insert Table

Crystal Report Template Insert Map for Multiple Selected Features

Crystal Report Template - Insert Sub-Report

Crystal Report Template - Insert FIQ