Crystal Report Template - Insert FIQ

Step 01> In the Crystal Reports Field Explorer window, Right-Click Database Fields and Select Database Expert to open the Database Expert form.

Step 02> In the Database Expert form Available Data Sources list, Scroll down to XML and Expand.

Step 03> Expand Make New Connection to open the XML and Web Services form.

Step 04> Select the Use HTTP(S) Data Source option.

Step 05> In the HTTP(S) XML URL field, Enter http://localhost:8080/Dekho/CrystalQueryServlet/your%20query%20name
where ‘your%20query%20name’ is a url encoded name of the Dekho query for the FIQ.

Step 06> Uncheck Specify Schema File.

Step 07> Click Next twice.

No username or password is required for XML  Data sources.

Step 08> In XML form, Click Add Property

Step 09> Enter ‘sessionid’ in the Property field and ‘abcd’ in the Value field.
The session id will be overridden by Dekho when the report is run.

Step 10> Click OK and then Finish.


Step 11> Drag the item 'root/resultset/record' into the Selected Tables list.

Step 12> Click OK to finish creating  Data sources.

Step 13> In Design view Drag and Drop the Database Fields into the report design and Save the template.

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