Crystal Report Template Insert Map for Multiple Selected Features

This section steps through how to add a new map image, highlighting every selected feature, with the feature highlighted on the map.

Step 01> In Crystal Reports, Right-Click the Details section of the report and Select Selection Expert. The selection expert form will open with the details section already selected.

Step 02> Click the insert button. The details section will be broken into sections a and b.

Step 03> You may wish to include a page break before every feature. If so, select the Details section, Click the Paging tab and check New Page Before.

Step 04> Click OK.

Step 05> Place the new map image inside the report page.

Step 06> Highlight the fields in the page header and press the delete key.

Step 07> Drag the dividers between the details a and details b section and make room for the map image and your feature details.

Step 08> Highlight the fields in the details a section and move them to details b. You can arrange the fields any way you like. You can also add new labels for the fields by inserting text objects.

Step 09> Add a map image to the report, In crystal reports, Click insert then OLE object.

Step 10> Select bitmap image and Click ok.

Step 11> Place the image where you would like the map to be on the report by Click the mouse button.

Step 12> Click the report header, then Right-Click the new image and select format graphic.

Step 13> Select the picture tab, then Click the graphic location button.

Step 14> In the textbox at the bottom, enter the following text.


You will need to change the hostname, port number, Dekho instance name and layer name to match your configuration.

Step 15> Click Save and close. Click OK. Save the report.

Step 16> Verify report, Open Dekho in a web browser and Select 2 map features then Click Generate Report.

Step 17> In the Report drop-down, Select the new report and Click Generate.

Step 18> Verify the Report opens and contains a page for each selected map feature and the corresponding attribute data for the selected map feature.

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