Custom Tools

From Dekho 3.2 onwards, custom tools will need to be recompiled against Adobe Flex SDK 4.5 Hero* and use the ESRI Flex API 2.2 library if required. The new ‘mixed mode’ compiler switch cannot be used with the ESRI Flex API 2.2 library so custom tools will have to be upgraded before they can be recompiled. The Adobe Flex SDK 3.x ‘halo’ components are still valid with Adobe Flex SDK 4.5 so the amount of upgrade work can be done on a sliding scale. The Dekho client has been upgraded and only uses the Adobe SKD 4.5 ‘spark’ components, for a custom tool to have a similar look as Dekho then it needs to be updated to the new ‘spark’ components.


Dekho uses BlazeDS technology for communication between the Dekho client and the Dekho server. Custom tools can also use BlazeDS technology when communicating with the Dekho Server. After upgrading to ESRI Flex API 2.2, Dekho could no longer transfer the ESRI Flex API graphic class to the Dekho server, specifically the problem was with some of the geometry classes. The ability to pass graphics is a requirement for Dekho so a graphic conversion utility class was created. The class converts ESRI Flex API graphics into a format compatible for BlazeDS. It also converts the generic graphic back to an ESRI Flex API graphic. The new graphic conversion utility class is included in the custom tool simulator project. If a custom tool uses BlazeDS and ESRI Flex API graphics, it must convert the graphic using the utility class before sending the graphic to the Dekho server. Also, if a custom tool requests data from the Dekho server and it contains graphics, its recommended to convert them to ESRI Flex API graphics using the graphic utility class before working with them (this is not necessary but recommended, it mostly depends on what the custom tool does with the graphic).


The custom tool samples have been updated and use the new graphic conversion utility class which is called GraphicUtilities. It contains three public functions for converting graphics

§ convertESRIGraphicsToDekhoGraphics – used to convert ESRI Flex API 2.2 graphics to generic Dekho graphics.

§ convertDekhoGraphicsToESRIGraphics – used to convert generic Dekho graphics to ESRI Flex API 2.2 graphics.

§ convertAOServerGraphicsToESRIGraphics – used to convert Dekho AOServer graphics to ESRI Flex API 2.2 graphics


The following custom tools CallDekhoUsingBlazeDS, CustomRedlineTools, DrawRedlinePoint and SaveSelectionAsRedlines use the new graphic conversion utility class and should be viewed to see how the class is used.


* Dekho 3.2 was built with a different version of the Adobe 4.5 SDK that is now available for download from the Adobe site. To avoid any SDK compatibility issues we recommend using the same Adobe SDK version that Dekho was compiled against, which is available from the Dekho Resource Site. We also recommend using the Flash Builder 4.0 IDE because there have been reported issues when using Flash Builder 4.5 IDE and earlier versions of Adobe 4.x SDKs. Note: Flash Builder 4.5 IDE works with earlier 3.x SDK versions since they are pre spark components.