Custom Tools

Click the Add a custom Tool Button on the Tools form.

This will open form to add the standard tool in formation.

A URL for the tool is also required. Insert the URL in the field and save the tool. Add the new Tool to the Map and publish the Map to make it available.


Step 04> Insert Parameters. Parameters are optional and store additional information to allow custom tools to activate.

The Parameters is a text area field and user can type in long strings. But there are limitations imposed on URLs by web browsers.


See how to add a URL Tool here and

See how to add a Mailto Tool here.




PLEASE NOTE: Internet Explorer limits the number of characters a URL contains to 2,083, with no more than 2,048 characters in the path portion of the URL. Firefox and Safari have effectively no limit with more than 50,000 characters allowed.




Example Launch URL Tool

Example Launch Mailto Tool