Database Changes

Database Change


schema changes

Changes to the schema to better support changes in Map Services.


Important additional steps you will need to follow on top of the Standard Upgrade procedure;

§ Back up the full Database

§ Run upgrade scripts

      ensure scripts run without errors

§ COMO-3288, COMO-3577: Server catalog is not synchronising with Map Services

      Replace the solr schema.xml in your Solr_home\conf\ with the schema.xml file included in the release package

      Clear all indexes and folder in Solr_home\data

      Re-index all queries

§ COMO-3283: scale dependencies / default layer visibilities are not honored by template and map client

      Remove relevant Map Service from Dekho Template and re-add them again

§ If user has any combobox or type ahead query setup with manual SQL order by/group by prior to 4.1.3. They need to open up the query and click save again

§ Clear your internet browser’s cache


Version 4.1.1 to 4.1.2