Database Changes

Database Change



New version 3.2.00.

Removed BING map settings

Bing map settings are obsolete.

Various Kerberos settings added

Enables authentication using Kerberos.

Various LDAP settings added

Enables authentication with LDAP.

Settings Description

Change to tooltip text.


Obsolete because of the addition of the results panel.

Hansen Settings removed

Obsolete. Parameters are now configured with the Hansen Custom Tool.

Changes in QueryDisplay

The list type is no longer valid as a display type; all queries which have list type as a display type are updated to be table type. A list can now be displayed by configuring a query to only return one column.

Role Names (RoleTypeId)

New column ROLETYPEID added to Roles table to allow for configuration of the name of the default Dekho Administrators Role.

Settings Description fields

Text values changed (tooltip, etc.)

TechnologyOne Property&Rating settings

Obsolete. Parameters are now configured with the Property & Rating Custom Tool.

TechnologyOne Works&Assets settings

Obsolete. Parameters are now configured with the Works & Assets Custom Tool.

Field length of TOOL:Parameters has been extended to 2000 chars

Extended to 2000 chars to allow more parameters to be configured on custom tool URLs.

Geometry Service Proxy Settings

To support secured geometry services. Setting moved to SECURITY tab of Admin SETTINGS

As it is related to Security hence it is grouped with other security settings on SECURITY tab of Admin SETTINGS.

Additional results panel pdf output properties: resultspanel.pdf.noofcolumns & resultspanel.pdf.orientation

Controls the way PDF is output from Dekho via the results panel

ArcFM version settings

Old arcfmhost, arcfmport and have been removed and a new setting arcfm.version added. 3.2 support connectivity to both ArcFM Server 9.3.1 and 10. Use the arcfm.version setting to specify the version

Addition of new session.timeout.check setting

Specifies whether the sessions will be checked for timeout.

 Customisations for index.jsp

The file ‘index.jsp’ which was in Dekho web application folder will no longer be available from Dekho 3.2. If any customisations were done in ‘index.jsp’, these have to be put in dekho.jsp.

Version 3.1.5 to 3.1.6