Database Connection Properties

Each time Dekho initialises, a Database Connection Properties file is used to connect to the Dekho Configuration Database. A user definable Editor interface allows Dekho Administrators to set the Dekho configuration database connection properties.

Step 01> Run DekhoConnectionPropertiesEditor.jar file to open the Dekho Connection Properties Editor.

Step 02> In the Dekho Connection Properties Editor, Select the database Vendor platform from the dropdown. A default URL syntax is inserted after selecting the Vendor.

Step 03> Edit the connection URL.

Step 04> Edit Schema, Username and Password. These parameters are used to make a successful database connection.

Step 05> Click Test Connection to verify the connection properties are correct.

Step 06> Save the Connection properties in same folder as the Dekho.war file in the \webapps subdirectory

Step 07> The filename prefix must have the same name as the .war, if the war file is Dekho.war the connection properties should be Click Save.

Step 08> Verify the \webapps subdirectory contains a Dekho.war & pair.

Step 09> Restart the Java application server.




Rename the instance of Dekho by renaming the Dekho.war (for example to: DekhoTest.war). Be sure to rename the file too (for example to: You will also need to update the file in the WEB-INF/Classes folder in your deployed War file folder. Restart the Java application server if the Dekho web application has been renamed.




Create Dekho Cache Directory