Dekho Print Service Setup

In Dekho 4.1 we introduce a new printing methodology built on the ArcGIS Server Print Services. The installation of the Dekho print Service is automated through a batch file. Copy the entire DekhoPrinting folder onto your ArcGIS Server machine. Before running the batch file, you are required to insert the ArcGIS Server URL, username and password to enable the print service to be installed on your ArcGIS Site. Check that the Python path is correct in the script as well.



INFORMATION: The Dekho 4.1 Print Service requires functionality introduced in ArcGIS for Server 10.1.1.






IMPORTANT: The folder location from where you install the print service will become the layout folder. This cannot be changed after installation by configuration. If you wish to change the layout folder location, you will need to remove the 3 GPTasks and install the Print Service from new location again.





Once you have updated the AGSURL, username and password variables, make sure you save the document. You can now run the DekhoPrintSetup.bat file and the print service will be installed.

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