Dekho Templates

Templates provide the geographic context to user tasks in the Map Client. Common tasks that benefit from a geographic context include; looking up an address, locating an asset , exploring the relationship of an asset to other assets or work items, displaying zones for flooding or planning, showing project status by site, service delivery extents or integrations with other enterprise systems... the list is endless.

Using the Templates configuration form, Dekho Administrators specify one or more web map services to be included in each Template. Services are selected using the predefined (by the Dekho administrator) catalog of map servers, include; map, feature, image and WMS. Layer symbology is honoured by Dekho, but is not editable in the Template setup. A Dekho Template may be added to more than one Dekho Map, but just one Dekho Template is permitted per Dekho Map.

A Dekho Template commonly consists of operational layer(s) and a basemap (image or tiled map service). This diagram depicts how to construct a Dekho Map. The diagram shows multiple services at the bottom can be included in multiple Templates, and a single Template is add to a Dekho Map along with an array of Panels, Tools and Query possibilities. The Map can be further customised by specifying that only certain Roles have access to the map, with this, Tools and Panels are also administered based on the Role.


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