Deploy Multiple Instances of Dekho

Dekho allows two or more instances of Dekho on the same server. Each instance requires its own configuration database and its own URL. Follow these steps to create a second instance of Dekho on the same server.

There are two methods to achieve deployment of multiple Dekho instances;

1.   Deploy to the same Tomcat Instance or

2.   Deploy to a second Tomcat instance.

The first method is set out here:

Step 01> Create a new Dekho Configuration Database and choose a different name to the existing database, for example, use 'dekho2' if existing is 'dekho1' (see Create Configuration Database steps).

Step 02> Copy the Dekho.war file and Save as with new name, for example, 'Dekho2.war' and deploy this. (see Deploy Dekho.war)


The alternative and recommended way to run multiple instances of Dekho is to install Dekho on multiple separate Tomcat instances. See the Blog Post for more details on installing Multiple Dekho Instances using Multiple Web Application Servers.


If conducting a Dekho upgrade, goto Post Upgrade Tasks

Database Connection Properties