Detail Display

This is the main feature attribute display tool for Dekho; the Detail Display in the Results Panel displays attributes of Selected or Identified features and will only displays a feature, or features, from one layer at a time. Text attributes as well as images and URLs are displayed in this part of the Results Panel.

Select a layer folder from the list to display layer fields in the Detail Display.

Select a feature inside a list folder to display the feature attributes in the Detail Display.

When a layer folder is selected, Click a field heading in the Data View to sort the field.


The Detail Display may change depending on how the Dekho Administrator configures Dekho.

Where no configuration has been applied, all possible fields are displayed for the layer features. A configured display may mean only 3 fields are displayed.

To change the Detail Display, select a different display type from the drop-down list. The drop-down list options change depending on if a layer or a feature is selected in the list.

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