Draw Callout

A callout is used to annotate the map with attributes of a feature. Callout consists of a line and a list of attributes and values.

Step 01> Click one of the Callout symbol.


Step 02> Click on the map and draw a multi-point line. The first click indicates the feature whose attributes will be displayed. Each additional click creates a new vertex. Double click to place the final point and end the multi-point line.


Step 03> If multiple features are found at the first point clicked, a dialog will pop and you can choose which feature you meant. The first drop-down shows which layers contained features that were found, and how many of features. The second drop-down shows the primary display field from the features in that layer.


When you have chosen the correct feature, click Ok. The map is redrawn with the new redline callout.





If you would like to cancel whilst drawing the leader line, just re-click on the callout tool on the toolbar.



Edit Redlines