Edit Redlines

Users can edit the geometry of polyline and polygon graphics using interactive tools that become available when the graphics is clicked with the mouse.

Step 01> Draw some Polyline and Polygon graphics on the Map Window.

Step 02> Click the Edit option to turn on editing of existing redline graphics.

Step 03> On the Map Window, Hover over the redline you would like to edit until the mouse cursor changes to a cross with arrows on each end. Now Click the redline graphic to edit.

The vertices are highlighted.

Step 04> Click and drag a vertex to move it to another point.

Step 05> Click on the polyline/polygon graphic again.

A dashed rectangle appears around the graphic with options to reshape, move and rotate.

Step 06> To delete one redline graphic from the Map use the delete a redline tool on the Redline Panel. With the tool active Click on the redline you want to delete from the Map Window.

Step 07> To delete all redline graphics from the Map use the delete all redlines tool on the Redline Panel. Click on the tool to delete all graphics from the Map Window.

INFORMATION: Users can snap a node to a node of another redline feature while drawing or modifying a redline feature by pressing down the Control key.

Redline Buffer