Feature Info Queries (FIQ)

Feature Info Queries (FIQ) retrieve attribute information for a single selected entity from specific map layer. FIQs may also be used to provide popups or Callouts when the callout Redline Panel option is used. FIQs should be used to provide detailed information about a feature, this is different for Layer Info Queries where it is expected the Layer Info queries will provide more overview type information.

Unlike Search Flow Queries which find entities based on specified attribution, FIQs return specified attribution and display the attributes in the Results Panel or a Callout not both.

Example Results Panel FIQ


Callout Queries are very similar to Feature Info Queries in that they retrieve attribute information for a single selected entity within a specific layer. The difference is that Feature Info Queries are loaded in the Results Panel, whereas Callout Queries are used when running a callout redline on a feature.

When running a callout on a feature, if a Callout Query exists for that layer, the Callout Query will be used, otherwise the default attribute information about that feature will be used. Just one Callout Query is allowed per layer in the map.

Example Callout FIQ

FIQs can source attribute data from the following Data Sources:

Data base Connections

Map Services

Web Services

Spatial analysis

Feature Info Query Data Connection

Feature Info Query Map Service

Feature Info Query Spatially Related Map Service

Feature Info Query Web Service