Feature Info Query Map Service

The simplest of all the FIQs, just specify the fields for the layer to display in the results. Start configuring the Map Service FIQ by firstly following these instructions on how to create a query

Step 01> [OPTIONAL] Check Callout if the Query Results will be displayed in a Redline Callout instead of the Results Panel.

Step 02> Select an Output Style to define how the results will appear in the Results Panel.

Output Styles define how the retrieved data will be displayed in Dekho when a Feature is selected. The options are Table, Image List and URL List. To return a list of images, select Image List (field name must be description). To return a list of URLs, select URL (field name must be URL).

Step 03> In Data Source Type, Choose Map Service

Step 04> Choose the Server, Service and Layer.

Step 05> Select the Fields that will display in the Results.

Step 06> [Optional] Add a Where clause to limit the search criteria. See here to find out more about the Where clause syntax.

Click Ok and then Save.

Feature Info Query Spatially Related Map Service