Getting Started

Dekho provides administrators with a contemporary and very flexible environment for delivering consistent mapping content across a range of user groups requiring a wide variety of functionality.

The administration interface, referred to throughout this document as the Administration Client is used to configure the map user interface (Map Client). It is an intuitive and simple to use interface and provides administrators with an excellent way to manage an enterprise Web GIS without editing a line of code.

The Administration Client sets out the administrative tasks into two main task areas:

1.   Site Settings and Configuration and

2.   The top Navigation Bar



Use the Administration client to create Queries from Map Services and Data Sources and configure Dekho Templates with Map Services, then combine Queries and Templates with preconfigured Tools and Panels to create a Dekho Map. The Dekho configuration database stores all the configuration options specified in the Administration Client. Consult the Dekho User Guide for details on how to use the Map Client or consult the Dekho Developers Guide for more information on the structure and components of Dekho and associated applications.

The Administration Functions Table provides a summary of each function provided by the Dekho Administration Client.




The Dekho application is highly configurable. All important settings and user preferences can be changed in this area. There are two tabs one for general settings and one for security settings


Tools like reporting editing and selection are added to Maps.


Panels are used in the Map Client to provide access to Dekho Map functions. Each Panel displays key Dekho functionality like a Legend, Search or Edit.

Coordinate Systems

Dekho supports multiple coordinate systems as supported by ArcGIS Server. New Coordinate Systems can be registered for use in Dekho.

Server Catalog

Add Multiple Map Server Connections, used in Dekho Template creation, can be accessed from multiple ArcGIS Server instances, this area configures each instance.

 Data Sources

A data source is a JDBC accessible database where information is stored. Dekho can integrate with multiple corporate data sources which reside on remote servers.


Licensing allows you to request and install Dekho licence keys. Some Dekho features require the Dekho Premium Pack licence.





This contains all the authentication and authorisation account protocol configuration settings.


Dekho roles determine which maps, queries, layouts and reports users are permitted to use.


Users are allocated a unique username, and that name is used to log-in to Dekho. Users are allocated to Roles and Roles determine the type of functions each User can access. The users section is only used when Dekho authentication is enabled.



General Settings