Go To Coordinates

Use Go To Coordinates to automatically pan and zoom to a specific set of coordinates.

The five coordinate formats are:

Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

Decimal Degrees (DD)

Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS)

Decimal Degrees Minutes (DDM)

Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)

Step 01> First, specify the Format by selecting one of the options. By specifying a format, the coordinate values for the centre of the Map Window are inserted and the Coordinate System options are filtered accordingly.

Step 02> Enter the coordinate values.

Step 03> Select the Coordinate System from the Coordinate System drop-down list. The coordinate system for the current Map is automatically selected.

Step 04> Enter a numeric value to set the Scale.

Step 05> Click OK.

The Map zooms and pans to the chosen coordinates. A Redline point appears at the location. The redline dot works like other redlines and can be saved as a Bookmark.

The map only pans if the coordinates are outside the current Map Window.

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