Group Properties

Groups can be added at any time, they have settings that control the behaviour of the Legend in the Map Client.

Checked means Map Services contained in the Group will display on loading the Map if those Map Services are also checked. Each map service and group is checked on by default.

Check Legend visibility to display the Group ‘folder’ in the Map Client Legend Panel. Group contents will not be displayed in the legend. The user will have no control over selectability or visibility of the contents of the group or group folder. Useful for making Maps as simple as possible.

When a Group contains more than one layer, say 3 or 4 basemaps, it’s a good idea to check Are the layers in the group exclusive. This will allow the user to display only one basemap Layer is defined as a Group Layer containing two or more child layers that allow the Map Client user to Select one child layer exclusively while the other child layers remain switched off.

Scale Range is Standard GIS functionality that determines the scale at which the service will toggle on and off.

Click Update, to update to save edited settings and save those new settings in the Configuration Database.

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