Indexing with oneSearch

Dekho oneSearch queries leverage the Apache Solr search platform and allow Dekho users to utilise pre-built search indexes, created by the Dekho Administrator.

The indexing process is similar to when a cached map service is created with ArcGIS for Server.

§ Indexing will utilise memory from Apache Tomcat.

§ For map service layers, oneSearch will make batch calls to the service’s SOAP handler to build the search index.  This will utilise the map service under ArcGIS for Server, and if applicable, also the underlying DBMS where ArcGIS for Server is pulling the information from.

§ Indexing JDBC Search Queries will run batch calls direct against the DBMS, using the SQL Statement defined in the original Search Query.

To avoid putting load onto both ArcGIS for Server and the DBMS, it is recommended that the re-indexing of oneSearch queries should be scheduled to occur during off peak hours (see figure 8).

Figure 8 - Make use of the built in scheduler to index oneSearch queries in off peak hours.

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