Insert Local Coordinate Systems

Dekho's Mapping interface defaults to the coordinate system in the Dekho Template. If you are using an MDS or ArcGIS Basemap, the default coordinate system is Web Mercator. This variable may be overridden by a coordinate system value chosen by the user in the Dekho Map Client. To provide the ability for users to override the default coordinate system you will need to run the coordinate system script for your database platform.


The script inserts coordinate systems values into the Dekho Configuration Database Coordinate System table.


Step 01> Open the coordinate systems script stored in the same directory as the installation files and the Delete coordinate systems values users will not require. Save the file.

Step 02> Use the oracle.sql, or equivalent sqlserver.sql workflows above to execute one of "oracle-coordinatesystems.sql" or "sqlserver-coordinatesystems.sql" files.


The Dekho Configuration Database will be created, goto Deploy Dekho.war to start the next stage.

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