Dekho is an Enterprise Web Mapping Solution. Dekho makes it easy to create and manage Web Maps which extend the reach of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) throughout an organisation and to the public.

This guide provides some practical information for the configuration and implementation of Dekho, exploring common workflows and system configurations.  Readers of this document require some knowledge of both ArcGIS Server and Dekho administration

The purpose of this document is to examine the configuration factors that could have a negative impact on system performance with Dekho, and to illustrate best practices that effectively support various business requirements from Dekho.  Throughout the document, configuration insights are highlighted in a separate box with the symbol.  Where further detail is available on a specific topic, we have also embedded links to our web site in this document.

This guide is intended to be a living document that will be updated with the product and configuration best practices.  Many of details and workarounds listed in this document are the result of direct feedback from Dekho users.  As such, any suggestions for additional areas to address in this document are welcomed.

A ‘Typical’ Dekho Deployment