Layer Info Queries (LIQ)

Layer Info Queries (LIQs) are queries that retrieve attribute information for one or more features within a layer.

LIQs should be used on selections of multiple entities to provide overview type information, for example Entity names. Whereas FIQs should be used to provide more specific information, for example Name, dimension, etc. It's the difference between 'at a glance' type information, and drilling down for entity specific information.

Unlike Search Flow Queries which find features based on specific attributes, LIQs return specific attributes and displays the attributes in the Results Panel.

The Layer Info Query can source attribute data from two Data source types:

Map Services,

Data Connection (JDBC)

Layer Info Queries support three Display Types:


Image List

URL List See here for Protocols for Hyperlink Display.

Feature Display Name

To enable display of an appropriately descriptive name for the feature display name in the Map Client Results Panel;

In the Layer Properties, ensure the ArcMap Display Expression Field specifies an appropriate field.

Layer Info Query Map Service

Layer Info Query Data Connection