Layer Info Query Map Service

Start configuring the Map Service LIQ by firstly following these instructions on how to create a query

Step 01> [OPTIONAL] Select an Output Style to define how the results will appear in the Results Panel.

Output Styles define how the retrieved data will be displayed in Dekho when a Feature is selected. The options are Table, Image List and URL List. To return a list of images, select Image List (field name must be description). To return a list of URLs, select URL (field name must be URL).

Step 02> In Data Source Type, Choose Map Service

Step 03> Choose the Server, Service and Layer.

Step 04> Select the Fields that will display in the Results.

Step 05> [Optional] Add a Where clause to limit the search criteria. See here to find out more about the Where clause syntax.

Click Ok and then Save.

Layer Info Query Data Connection