The licencing mechanism has changed in Dekho 4.1. You can now request a licence before you even start your installation.


The Dekho Licence is now based on the hostname or URL that users will use to connect to Dekho. The licensing system has been built to work in the cloud environment and supports failover URLs. This means that multiple URLs can be embedded in the one licence key.


You will need to supply the following information when requesting a licence:

      Your organisation name

      The hostname (or IP Address), and or one or more URLs that you can access the Dekho instance through

NOTE: localhost or are not supported


To request your licence email the above details to

      Then, based on your licence type of a Standard or Premium licence a key will be generated and returned to you by Esri Australia’s CSC team or your local distributor


An example of what a key will look like is:



Once you have your licence key, you need to insert it into the Dekho Admin to enable full functionality.



The Dekho Login prompt appears when the Application Server is on, the Dekho Database is configured, a database connection file is stored and the .war files are deployed.

The Administration Client is accessible using this URL:


Step 01> Login with :
        Username: admin
Password: admin




Once you have logged in you need to enter your licence key by clicking on the person icon in the top right hand corner of the admin page. A drop down list will appear with the options of ‘Licence’ and ‘Log out’. Click on the ‘Licence’ option to open the Licence entry page.



Now copy the licence key from your email and paste it into the Licence Key text box and then click the Register the key button.



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