Manage ArcGIS Server Connections

Example workflow for adding an ArcGIS Server Connection. See this ArcGIS Help doc link for more information on ArcGIS Server URLs.

Step 01> Click Add a server and then ArcGIS Server or select a connection from the Catalog to edit a server connection.

Step 02> Enter a Name for the new server connection. This name will appear when creating templates and queries.

Step 03> Enter a Server URL for the endpoint. Enter the Host server name. e.g.

http://<host name>:<port number>/arcgis/rest/services

Step 04> Insert an ArcGIS Server Token; if you want to authenticate with services using a token and have GIS Tier security enabled.

Step 05> Otherwise; enter a Username and Password to enable access to secure services.

Step 06> Insert a server Description.

Step 07> Donít forget to Save!

Once save is clicked, Dekho will search through the Server and find and store each field on each layer on every service in the configuration database.

ArcGIS Server Layer Metadata