Manage WMS Connections

Dekho supports WMS Services and the following points clarify the Dekho partial support status:

Operations supported by Dekho on a WMS service:

§ Drawing of the WMS service layers unless there is a restriction forced by WMS server.

§ Use with other type of services for example;  Dynamic services, Image services, Secure services, Vector layers

§ Transparency – Transparency can be used on service level.

§ Printing – WMS service layers can be printed from within Dekho.

§ Exporting – WMS service layers can be exported using Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reports etc. from within Dekho.

§ Secured WMS services.

Operations not supported by Dekho on a WMS service:

§ Select – User cannot select features from a WMS service layer.

§ Identify – User cannot identify features from a WMS service layer.

§ Search, Query – User cannot add queries on WMS service layers. Admin restricts the addition of queries on WMS layers.

§ Symbology – Only default symbology provided by WMS server is displayed.

§ Map Description Fields are not supported.




INFORMATION: Maps containing WMS services published in Dekho will honour WMS service restrictions including the number of visible layers that can be viewed at one time.




Example workflow for adding a connection to a WMS Server:

Step 01> Click Add a server and then WMS server or select a connection from the Catalog to edit a server connection.


Step 02> Enter a Name. This name will appear when creating templates and queries.

Step 03> Enter a web map Server URL. e.g.

Step 04> Enter a Username and Password (Optional)

Step 05> Choose the WMS Version.

Step 06> Check Skip get capabilities if the site hosting the WMS service does not provide a cross domain policy file and you don't have a proxy page.

Step 07> Insert a Description.

Step 08> Don’t forget to Save!

Once save is clicked, Dekho will search through the Server and find and store each field on each layer on every service in the configuration database.



IMPORTANT: Dekho 4.1.7 can only consume secure WMS when the security model is set to “Basic Authentication” at the IIS level.



Secure Services