MapData Services Foundation Map

The MDS Foundation Map is produced from an authoritative source of PSMA data for Australia and LINZ dataset for New Zealand and contains the most current online road data available for Australia and New Zealand.

The Foundation Map service is tuned and optimised for web application performance, with rich cartography, enhanced symbology, scale dependency and blazing fast performance.

The tiled map of Australia and New Zealand looks fantastic at all 16 levels of detail (between 1:73,957,191 and 1:2,257) and is professionally hosted leading to very limited downtime.

Best of all, the map service is available to use as a basemap in any Dekho Map at no additional cost!

See the section on creating Templates for instructions on how to incorporate the MDS Foundation Map, into your Dekho Maps. Before adding it to a Template though, the MDS credentials need to be registered in the Dekho Admin. But before you can do this, you need to register for a key with MDS.

The process to get a key

Step 01> Client to email

Step 02> Subject Foundation Map For Dekho Upgrade Key Request

Step 03> The following details are required by MDS to setup an account

a. Organisation name

b. Contact person details

c. All Referrers (including Dev or Staging versions of their Dekho URL)

Step 04> MDS will then create the user in our system and they will be provided with the following

a. Username:

b. Password:

c. API key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (for entering into Dekho, it MUST match the referrer(s) though)

d. API Documentation: (1.1.2 Tile

For what you need to do with the returned key from MDS read authorisation

Find out more about MapData Services and the MDS Foundation Map.

Administration Guide