Map Service Properties

Map service Settings control the display behaviour of the Legend and the Map in the Map Client.

Checked means the Map Service will display on loading providing any Groups the map is associated with are also checked. Each service and group is checked on by default.

Check Legend visibility to display the Map Service in the Map Client Legend Panel. If a map service contains layers that should be toggled on or off, check the Layers exclusive which will treat each layer in the map service as an exclusive layer and display one layer at a time

Users will have capability to toggle selectability and visibility when the Legend Panel is added to the Dekho Map.

Scale Range is standard GIS functionality that determines the scale at which the service will toggle on and off.

Transparency will apply to each Map Service.

Setting the Format that ArcGIS Server sends the tiles for dynamic map services.

Set the Refresh Rate to refresh the map while a Map Client Session is still in progress.

Click Back to return to the Template builder map screen, then click Save (or Update for existing Templates) to save the Template settings.

Map Service Layer Properties