Map Services

Consuming Map Services is what drives Dekho. So well designed and constructed map services is seen as critical element of the overall configuration of Dekho. Using best practice web map design strategies applies to Dekho and if followed carefully will provide users of Dekho Maps with an uncomplicated and thoroughly enjoyable user experience.

See this video and/ or this blog for help with designing webmaps.

See here for information about how to contribute to the Community Maps Program in order to use your data in the Esri Topographic Basemap. Contact your local Office or Account manager to get started!

Supported Map Services include:

ArcGIS Server Map Services, Feature Services, Image Services

ArcGIS Online Tiled Services, and Hosted Feature Services and

And OGC compliant WMS

An excellent place to start is with the latest documentation for Publishing Map Services,

The Service will be available to Dekho once it successfully publishes and the Server Connection is registered in the Dekho Server Catalog.

Configure a Dekho Template