Navigation Panel

The Navigation Panel refers to the Dekho Map navigation tools. There are a number of settings available that are applied globally. The settings found here are made available for modification during the Dekho Map publishing workflow. If they are not modified at that stage, then these setting will be applied to the Dekho Map.

These settings control how the user visualises and what happens when they interact with the navigation panel. Behaviour of the navigation panel is also controlled with these settings.

Map Zoom Factor determines by how far the map will zoom on single zoom event.

Transparency, Zoom and Pan durations are in milliseconds. . Server-side preparation of a new map can finish before this time limit, but will not display until the time limit is complete. Fast server-side map generation means a smaller value can be used. This feature does not apply to panning with the mouse. Minimum value is 1.

Pan and Zoom ‘Show’ options toggle whether the user sees these navigation buttons in the Map Client.