This section describes how to configure each Panel option ready for use in the Map Client Panel. Panels appear on the left hand side of each Dekho Map providing users with functionality relevant to each map. Administer Panels to empower each user group in the organisation with a distinctively different set of functionality each time a Dekho Map is opened.

Navigate to Maps and create a new Map to associate Panels with a new Dekho Map. A Dekho Map with no Panels means the Map will have very limited functionality, like basic map navigation. Likewise, if a Dekho Map contains all available Panels it may contain more functionality than is necessary for the user group. Each Panel item contains a function or set of functions that change the state of each Dekho Map, like feature selection or redlines. Most items have settings that can be edited, but some are hardcoded, like the legend and the map display icons.

Standard Settings

Search Panel

Selection Panel

Redlines/Measure Panel

Bookmarks Panel

Gas Panel

Water Panel

Electricity Panel

Edit Panel

Coordinate Panel

Navigation Panel


Result Panel