Parameter definitions

Parameter 1 [required] – Database connection property path and file name.

 e.g. "D:\tomcat-7\webapps\"


Parameter 2 [required] – This parameter defines if your db password is encrypted. You may need to uplift the permission just changing username and password

 on connection properties file in which case this parameter may become handy to avoid decrypting. 

 e.g. true


Parameter 3 [required] – Existing Server catalog name – Server From

e.g. "Arcgis Development Server"


Parameter 4 [required] – New Server catalog name – Server To

e.g. "Arcgis Production Server"


Parameter 5 [required] – New Server URL.

 e.g. ""


Parameter 6 [optional] – Enable/Disable logging. Log file will be created on the application root. You can disable logging in case if you come across any permission issues, etc.

 e.g. true

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