Dekho allows users to export the Dekho Map to variety of formats, making use of ArcObjects IExportOperator to produce high quality exports.

Exporting is done under the DekhoAOServer.exe process spawned from the Dekho ArcObjects Server Manager component. Exporting can use a significant amount of memory. Total consumption depends on three main factors, as outlined below:

Figure 12 - Factors impacting export performance.

Map complexity refers to how much data needs to be rendered, how many lables, complex symbology, lots of redlines, etc. As map complexity increases, so does the processing times required to export.

If the layout size is increased, Dekho has to export a larger total image and this will also increase processing times.

As the resolution increases, the export will take longer to render requests at higher resolutions, also resulting in longer processing times for exporting.

In Dekho settings, available resolution should be specified by an administrator on behalf of Dekho users. It is recommended to restrict the resolutions down to only those required by the user base, and within what the deployed infrastructure can handle.

To export layout sizes larger than A3 at resolutions higher than 150dpi, or to a large number of users, a more scalable approach is to implement the custom ArcPy sample available on the Dekho downloads gallery.