Dekho provides Map Client users with a comprehensive array of querying options and an equally comprehensive and friendly query building interface for Administrators. This section of the Administration Guide provides the Dekho Administrator with a set of workflows to quickly create queries for the Map Client. Queries are administered using the Queries form through a set of ‘tabs’ that each contain structured workflows for creating and editing queries.




INFORMATION: For a Dekho Query to be accessible to Map Client users, associate the Dekho Query with a Dekho Map that contain a Map Service Layer referenced in the Dekho Query.




To make a query available to a  user, the Dekho Administrator needs to associate a query with a Map service layer when they are publishing a dekho map. Only queries that refer to layers in the map are available to be published.



Search Flow Queries

Feature Info Queries (FIQ)

Layer Info Queries (LIQ)